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What if you could be on a cruise 24 hours a day, 7 days of week? The moonlight bathes you in the softest, dreamy glow as the waves caress the side of your massive magic carpet called the cruise ship. The latest and best musicians play in the background and world-class Chefs prepare your meal. Are you a guest on this ship? No, you are getting paid to work here. You are a cruiseship employee enjoying what others pay thousands for, but you are getting paid thousands to be here. Do not misunderstand me - Cruise ship work is challenging - but if you enjoy being surrounded by luxury, conversation with knowledgeable and charming people and making friends from around the world while seeing the world, the cruiseship life can be for you. Cruiseship guests are not aware, of course, what it takes to make the ship run seemingly effortlessly. Like a professional dancer, it looks easy but the result of hours of disciplined work and pride.The Crew enjoys the ship on their own time as well as shore leaves in exotic ports of call, all these advantages for your dedication to excellent guest service. A cruise liner is a floating city, complete with all necessary and enjoyable services needed by vibrant people. From Engineers to Waiters, Medical Staff to Office Managers, there is a place on a cruise ship for most specialty skills. Come along with us to see if this lifestyle is for you. Cruise Line Jobs unlocks the mystery to how to land dreams jobs, getting paid for traveling around the world. As you know, a cruise ship is totally self-contained city, with all the jobs necessary to keep an enterprise of its size afloat. Each cruise ship employs hundreds of people to serve the guests, comply with maritime regulations, and assure smooth and above quality operation at all times. We have researched for such a website and never found one. So we developed one after so many people asked what the big secret to working on a cruise ship was. Our website contains Internet e-mail and web addresses along with phone and fax numbers for completely up to date access to cruise ship employment opportunities. You will also find a clear guide to over 100 occupations, their descriptions and the qualifications necessary to land this great opportunity, complete contact information for over 100 Cruiseline Companies, Concessionaries, etc. and a clear explanation of the hiring process, conditions of employment, and work life aboard the ship.

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Front Office Team Onboard a Cruise Ship

The Front Office team is a very crucial element in the entire cruise ship operation and overall guests’ experience. On cruise ships, the front office department consists of the front office manager, assistant front office manager, concierge, group services co-ordinator, and the reception staff. Although each has specialized duties and responsibilities, we all serve one common goal, which is to achieve, complete satisfaction. The Reception Desk operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it is the nerve center of the ship where guests are encouraged to seek out everything from simple directions on navigating the ship layout, to answering general questions or seeking assistance. The Receptionists on duty ensure that guest’s requests or problems are handled and resolved in a quick efficient and courteous manner. This requires a complete understanding of all staterooms ( room configurations and amenities), facilities ( laundry services, restaurants and bar opening hours, show lounges, gym, & swimming pools), operations (ship's policies and procedures) and services available onboard the vessel, namely, spa salons, gift ships, photo galleries, art auctions, and the internet cafe.

Immediate Follow Up

On Cruise ships, Concierge service is available for all VIP guests onboard, including guests who book suites and villas. He or She must ensure that these guests receive personalized and professional service throughout the cruise. Any and all challenges that might occur are addressed to the Front Office Manager for immediate follow up. The Group Services Co-ordinator is in charge of all group activities held onboard. He or she is responsible for ensuring that all group functions and activities are carried out efficiently in co-ordination with all other department heads and staff. The Co-ordinator also handles any group leader's requests in co-ordination with the Front Office Manager and Hotel Director's offices. The Front Office Manager and the Assistant Front Office Manager ensure that the overall operation of the front office department is carried out in accordance to company's level of standards and policies, and that top quality guest service is achieved on a consistent basis. Extensive training and departmental meetings are held on a weekly basis to keep everyone informed and updated on operational requirements. The industry is constantly evolving and it is the management responsibility to ensure that every guest has the best experience possible.

Each Guest is Important

In this respect, each and every guest has specific needs and expectations, thus requiring the staff to be flexible and as accommodating as possible, while still maintaining high standards and guest service levels. The Logbook is Front Office's primary source of information, not only for the front office department, but also as a tool of information for the deck and engine departments. It is updated on a daily basis on a computer/digital program, and is forwarded to the appropriate departments to ensure a prompt follow up on guest's concerns. The Logbook offers a summary of all guests’ concerns, and therefore is a very important tool for the management onboard to identify trends and take corrective action accordingly. As part of the front office, there will be always someone to assist the guest. Either the Front Office Manager or the Assistant Front Office Manager is available to the staff at all times. This is to ensure that any challenges or concerns that might arise are handled instantly and professionally. As successful Front Office employee teats guests the way he or she would like to be treated, and handles themselves professionally, and according to the policies and procedures as established by the company. For instance, if guest approaches any one of the front office staff to address a concern, the employee is to instantly evaluate the guest's needs before taking proper action. In short, a successful employee is a person who pleases guests without breaking the company's standard operational procedures.

Everyone is Responsible

On all cruise ships, there are three main departments: Hotel, Deck and Engine. Even though the Front Office falls under the Hotel Department, the staffs communicate extensively with both the engine control room and the bridge when it comes to navigational information. Consequently, it is very important for every one in this department to maintain accurate records of guest issue -either those related to the hotel services or those related to the technical departments. Thanks to modern technology available on ships today, ship's management can easily communicate with each other via cell phones or emails. No matter what the size of the cruise ship, guest's concerns must be addressed instantly by all departments involved. If a crewmember learns about a guest's complaint, that crew member owns that complaint. It becomes his or her own responsibility to follow up. On every cruise ship, not only the front office department is concerned with guest satisfaction, but everyone onboard, including the Captain. In all instances, we are in the hospitality business, and guests should be given the utmost care and attention. As much as minor incidents might ruin a guest's overall impression towards the entire cruise, taking the extra step by staff member will make a big difference for guests. Little things do mean a lot. Always keeps this in mind: guest's satisfaction is the responsibility of every one onboard.